SPYDER BABY Mainman Gets Probation In Dead-Cow Case

According to The Oakland Press, Steven Banch Jr. — a member of SPYDER BABY, the Michigan-based industrial metal band that describes its music online as “unapologetically dark and edgy” — was sentenced Monday (December 5) to probation and community service for allegedly failing to bury a dead cow and neglecting his farm animals.

Banch‘s case drew media attention when neighbors complained of rotting carcasses on his Oakland County farm in March.

The rocker was sentenced to 15 months of probation and $1,425 in fines and costs. He was also told to perform community service and ordered to receive some mental health treatment.

Banch called the sentencing “a victory for me, because it could have gone completely the other way.”

He called community service a “good thing. People should do that once a year.”

Banch said he plans to move to a dairy farm south of Alpena in January.

MINISTRY mastermind Al Jourgensen remixed and co-produced SPYDER BABY‘s “Bitter” which was released by Blind Prophecy Records in early 2008.

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