STAIND Frontman Interviewed On WDHA’s ‘Box Of Rock’

STAIND frontman Aaron Lewis was interviewed by Terrie Carr for the latest edition of “Box Of Rock” on WDHA-FM 105.5 FM, the rock music station licensed to Dover and Morristown, New Jersey. You can now watch the chat below.

Lewis takes the music industry to task in a new interview with EspyRock. Saying that the “whole structure of a record deal is insane,” Lewis also says that both downloading of music and newly emerging services for bands will work against the fading major label system. He explains, “Nothing will happen with this industry until record labels begin to embrace the changes. A lot of these new services and such will work more in favor of us to get out of the record deal we’ve been in for six records. But we are now an established band, people know who we are so we can take advantage of something like that and use it but new bands can’t.”

Lewis says that the terms of modern major label deals are basically unfair, and he told us that he feels STAIND has earned the right to something better: “How many millions of records do you have to sell before somebody’s gonna actually give you a record deal that is almost equal, so that I’m making almost as much money off of each record sale as the record label is. It’s all about where we’re at in our career and not wanting to give it up anymore.”

Lewis adds in his interview at EspyRock, “I don’t think there’s enough money in a record label’s budget these days to be able to sign me a check big enough for me to return to a record deal . . . I don’t think there will ever be enough money for any label to keep putting out records they way they used to.”

STAIND‘s seventh album, a self-titled effort, has sold 134,000 copies since coming out last fall. The band’s seven records have sold more than 15 million copies worldwide.

STAIND will hit the road with GODSMACK for the co-headlining Mass Chaos Tour this spring, beginning on April 13 in Augusta, Georgia. HALESTORM will be the supporting act for the entire road trip.