STAIND Frontman, MEGADETH Bassist To Help Make ‘Shame On America’ Documentary

Director/photographer Fran Strine is set to direct and produce his debut Kickstarter-funded, non-music documentary entitled “Shame On America”. The project is a tribute to veterans who give everything to defend their country and a lament on the lack of care for them upon their return home.

The idea for the project was put together by Strine and a collection of his illustrious, longtime collaborators. Co-producing the film is the frontman of multi-platinum rockers STAIND, Aaron Lewis. Lewis is also a rising solo country music star, with his first album in the genre attaining gold-selling status. Also notable is the film’s narrator, legendary MEGADETH bassist David Ellefson.

“Shame On America” is a full-length documentary that tells the raw and tragic details of what life is like as an Iraq and Afghanistan veteran today. Many veterans suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and among them are those whose lives have fallen apart and have become homeless as a result. Severe PTSD leaves these returning heroes on a downward spiral into their own personal hell.

On any given night not far from your front door, there are upwards of 75,000 veterans trying to survive the brutal conditions of the streets.

The VA has seen their backlog of disability claims increase to 864,000 with the majority suffering from PTSD. “Shame On America” explores how and why this can happen in one of the wealthiest countries in the world. The film endeavors to share with the American public the extreme reality of life after war. It does this by spending a night with veterans on the street, confronting politicians on this very important issue and talking to people about how much they know about the situation. Knowledge is power and “Shame On America” shines a spotlight on the problem — a powerful step in the right direction of empowering the American public to tackle this situation using their voice.

This issue frustrates patriots like Lewis, who explains, “I was aware that homelessness and PTSD were an issue, but Fran brought some really alarming numbers and statistics to the table. I knew then I had to be part of this film. To know that our sons and daughters have committed themselves, sacrificed everything for us, followed the orders they are given only to come home to nothing hit me hard. For these men and women to have psychological issues that require immediate attention, have to be reviewed by a panel with a year long wait to see if they might qualify for the benefits they are owed and many becoming homeless in the process really bothers me. I love my country and cherish the women and men of the armed forces even more. America should be ashamed.”

Ellefson was equally impassioned when asked to participate in the documentary, saying, “I think this film is long overdue to tell the story of the brokenness that befalls so many of the frontline warriors who gave all for our personal freedoms and civil liberties. They have traveled a mile in shoes none of us could ever fully comprehend, until now.”

What can YOU do NOW? You can go to and search for “Shame On America” to pledge whatever funds you can to move this project ahead. When you make a pledge on the site, you get a reward beyond enabling Strine to tell this story, and there are some great things available. The story is very important — our veterans need to be heard and helped!

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