STAIND Guitarist Recalls Christmas Prank Played By Parents

Like many guitarists, STAIND‘s Mike Mushok wanted a guitar for Christmas at a very young age. But Mushok told The Pulse Of Radio jokingly that when he finally got his wish, his folks made him suffer for it. “I think I was six, and my parents, being the evil people that they are, knowing that I wanted a guitar, on Christmas Eve came down with a guitar case, and me going, ‘Oh my god, I finally, you know, got a guitar,'” he said. “Well, they had taken the guitar out and left it upstairs and gave me an empty guitar case, and I started crying (laughs)! That explains a lot, doesn’t it?”

STAIND‘s self-titled seventh album arrived in September and debuted at No. 5 on the Billboard album chart.
The group has yet to announce its plans for 2012, but frontman Aaron Lewis will start his own solo acoustic run on December 29 in Snoqualmie, Washington.