STAIND’s AARON LEWIS Plans To Reissue ‘Town Line’ In 2012

According to The Pulse Of Radio, STAIND frontman Aaron Lewis plans to reissue his hit country EP, “Town Line”, in 2012 with six additional songs included. He told the Dallas Observer, “I was actually just in the studio so that, at the beginning of the year, ‘Town Line’ can be re-released as a full-length. I just recorded six more songs. Now that my management is solid, we are going to re-release it. When I first released ‘Town Line’, I had let one management company go, hired a manager that didn’t work out. It was only three months ago, tops, that I finally acquired a proper manager. Now, things can start rolling the way they need to.”

Lewis promised that the expanded “Town Line” will have “all sorts of extra, bonus stuff.”

The singer told The Pulse Of Radio that he has plenty of songs from his years of solo touring and writing that he has yet to record. “There’s lots of songs that are out there that are unrecorded still,” he said. “There’s definitely songs that have been kicking around for a while that the fans really like, that they would really love to hear a finished product of.”

Lewis also told the Dallas Observer that he doesn’t see himself giving up country music now that he’s started, explaining, “It’s the first music that I was ever exposed to . . . Country music is a part of me. It certainly reflects my lifestyle. I live out in the middle of nowhere in a town of 1,200 people. I’ve got chickens and a house pig. I deer hunt and I fish. I really don’t do many things that require a city.”

STAIND‘s self-titled seventh album arrived in September and debuted at No. 5 on the Billboard album chart.

The group has two more dates left on a short U.S. trek, stopping in Biloxi, Mississippi on Friday (December 16) and Lake Buena Vista, Florida on Monday (December 19). Lewis will start his own solo acoustic run on December 29 in Snoqualmie, Washington.


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