STEEL PANTHER Reveal Balls Out Album Artwork

STEEL PANTHER have unveiled the artwork for their new album, Balls Out. Check it out below:

Steel Panther - Balls Out

Steel Panther – Balls Out

The release of Balls Out has been pushed back to October 31st in the UK, and(November 1st in North America. “We aren’t happy about the extra two week wait, but the move was out of our control,” says the band. “Look at it this way – now you have more reason to whip your balls out on Halloween! Chicks are always out on Halloween seeking that perfect set of testicals to place on their face! Now you have a legitimate reason to make that happen! And if you’re feeling really ballsy, come celebrate the release and Halloween at the House of Blues Sunset with the Panther!”

“Damn the record companies! We tried everything to cheer Lexxi up; hookers, blow, new spandex… even a fresh can of AquaNet, but Balls Out getting pushed back to Oct. 31st was too much.”

Balls Out tracklisting:

‘In The Future’

‘Supersonic Sex Machine’

‘Just Like Tiger Woods’

’17 Girls In A Row’

‘If You Really Really Love Me’

‘It Won’t Suck Itself’

‘Tomorrow Night’

‘Why Can’t You Trust Me’

‘That’s What Girls Are For’

‘Gold Digging Whore’

‘I Like Drugs’


‘Let Me Cum In’

‘Weenie Ride’


The first single from the album in North America will be ’17 Girls In A Row’. The first single from Balls Out in the UK will be ‘If You Really, Really Love Me’.