RATT frontman Stephen Pearcy played an abbreviated set on October 8 as part of the South Texas Rock Fest at Sunken Gardens in San Antonio, Texas. He writes on Facebook, “A big FUCK YEAH! to those who went to the show last night San Antonio and sang the rest of ‘Round Round’, even if I forgot what city I was in. Someone decided to cut our lights and sound off before the song was even done! And our set was cut down to 30 minutes from the standard 75 minutes.” He adds, “Sorry for our drummer throwin’ the drum set off the stage; shit happens. It pissed him off to that we couldn’t finish our set. Then we heard about the cops looking for us, so we watched the band and just left. Whatever, we had a great fuckin time.”

Pearcy‘s new solo single, “Too Much Is Never Enough”, was released in July via iTunes. The song comes off Pearcy‘s next solo album, “Sucker Punch”, which is tentatively due in early 2012.

In a recent interview with Guitar International, Pearcy stated about the forthcoming CD, “It’s probably one of the first records that I’m actually doing all the guitars on. Most people don’t really know me as a guitar player, even as a writer, but those songs came from somewhere. The RATT EP was literally all of my songs from the MICKEY RATT days, with the exception of “You Think You’re Tough”, which Robbin [Crosby, late RATT guitarist] and I had penned together. That’s the song that ended up getting us signed. I’ve been a guitar player for years, it’s just overlooked. I’m doing the solos on both of the sample singles. I’m currently the label [via Top Fuel Records], but Roadrunner has an option on it. Whether they pick it up is irrelevant, because it will be heard. What I wanted to do this time, since I was writing so many songs, is for my fans to hear the process. Not just give them a basic track, but to give them a rough version. Feedback has been good. Depending on how the record is picked up, my manager and I have talked about a whole other approach to releasing a record that nobody has ever done before.”

Pearcy recently recorded a new version of RATT‘s ’80s hit “Wanted Man” for “Big John’s Rock N Lock”, the new show featuring world-famous rock and roll bodyguard “Big” John Murray, celebrity reality star of VH1‘s “Rock Of Love”.