STEVEN TYLER And His Fiancée Split?

According to the New York Post, AEROSMITH lead singer Steven Tyler and his fiancée of one year, Erin Brady, have “officially” split.

It was previously reported in October that Tyler and Brady were having trouble in their relationship but “it’s over for good this time,” a source “close to the couple” told the paper.

Brady reportedly did not accompany Tyler when he vacationed in Hawaii with his extended family over New Year’s.

Previously an accountant for Tyler on tour, Brady told Oprah Winfrey in a 2011 interview that although she bore witness to the worst of Steven‘s bad-boy behavior, she knew his ways could be reformed and she wanted to be the one to do it.

“I saw him, how he behaved… badly,” she said, according to, telling Oprah she had to step up to the plate as the womanizing continued when their relationship became romantic. Her strategy was to “play” as he would when Tyler would stray, which he admits was a wake-up call and an instigator towards treating the women of his life with the respect they deserve.

“There was some behavior I am ashamed of and I shouldn’t have done,” Steven explained. When asked bluntly if he believed he could remain monogamous with Erin, Tyler confidently replied that he could. “I don’t want to hurt anybody again,” he said. “For all the divorces I’ve had I’ve hurt those girls deeply.”

Steven and Erin dated for six years, since Tyler divorced Teresa Barrick. He was also married to Cyrinda Foxe from 1978 to 1987.


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