AEROSMITH singer Steven Tyler, who revealed in his recent autobiography that he was treated at the Betty Ford Center for drug addiction, told CNN about the passing of Betty Ford, 93, widow of President Gerald Ford and co-founder of the eponymous addiction center in California, “Betty Ford took a risk at one of the worst times of her life and came forward to share a message of recovery in order to serve others. Her vision, passion and amazing heart led to the Betty Ford Center, the gold standard of treatment facilities. She will be missed, but her work in recovery will live on.”

Legendary heavy metal singer Ozzy Osboure admitted in a 2010 interview underestimated how tough rehab centers are, mistakenly believing he would be allowed to carry on drinking during his treatment. He told Absolute Radio, “I’d never heard of rehab. Sharon [Ozzy‘s wife/manager] said, ‘I think it’s where they teach you to drink properly.’ So I go to the Betty Ford Center and think, ‘Where’s the bar?’

“I thought it was going to be guys in smoking jackets and bow ties with one leg crossed over the other, leaning against the bar, now stir the olive in your martini, take a sip, curl your mustache and then have a ciggy (cigarette) — like a school of drinking.”