STONE SOUR Guitarists Talk Gear In New Video Interview

On January 27, Fret 12 conducted an interview with Josh Rand and Jim Root of STONE SOUR at the Congress Theater in Chicago during the band’s co-headlining tour with PAPA ROACH.

Root and Rand are undoubtedly one of the most talked about guitar teams in modern rock, and they take you behind the scenes to show you their latest guitars, and secrets behind their tones from pedals to amplifiers.

Get ready to learn how STONE SOUR puts on such a great live show, achieves such massive live guitar sound from night to night, the importance of lead-free solder in a Boss NS-2, and why Jim and Josh never pursued their career in television. Jim also gives you a sneak peek at his brand new Fender Jazzmaster, featuring a blistering set of 81/60s from EMG and an awesome compound-radius fretboard which is a feature usually only reserved for custom-shop builds. Josh talks about his move from PRS back to Ibanez, the brand he started out with. He takes you through his guitar boat, with several stunning custom-shop Ibanez models named after his daughters, a custom Japanese import, and a home-made riveted aluminum model.

You can now watch the chat below.


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