STONE SOUR Talks ‘House Of Gold & Bones’ On FUSE (Video)

Corey Taylor and Josh Rand of STONE SOUR recently dropped by Fuse headquarters to discuss their band’s new album, “House Of Gold Bones”, and the comic book that accompanies it. The rock vets are certain the comic-album is “setting the tone for their career,” says Taylor.

“I wanted to make sure the songs were good enough that they sat in the story, but you could also listen to them autonomously,” explains Taylor. “I think people that like the album will love the comic because it gives you that insight.”

“[The project] is truly raising the bar with everything we do,” he adds.

Watch the full video below.

STONE SOUR will release “House Of Gold Bones – Part 2”, the second part of their two-album series, “House of Gold Bones”, on April 9 via Roadrunner Records. The albums were recorded at Sound Farm Studios just outside of the band’s native Des Moines, Iowa with producer David Bottrill (TOOL, MUSE) at the helm.

The first single from “House Of Gold Bones – Part 2”, “Do Me A Favor”, will be available digitally on February 12; the video for “Do Me A Favor” will be directed by Phil Mucci, whose video for HIGH ON FIRE‘s “Fertile Green” was named best video of 2012 by Revolver. Singer Corey Taylor gave The Pulse Of Radio a preview of what to expect from the song. “It’s quite aggressive, and actually the label asked me if I would go in and tame stuff down and I was like, ‘No.’ I’m not doing that,” he said. “This is going out the way it is and I’m not gonna touch it up. I’m not gonna have people looking for a song that doesn’t exist. This is the way it is on the album, that’s the way it’s going to be when we put it out to radio.”

STONE SOUR is on tour in North America through February 17, and will return in March for the Road To The Golden Gods tour, which will run through May 2.

Taylor recently told recently that the group is planning a world tour in 2014 during which they will spend two nights in each city and perform both halves of its “House Of Gold Bones” double album in their entirety.



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