STONE SOUR To Make Never-Before-Released Demos Available To Fan-Club Members

STONE SOUR guitarist Josh Rand is hand-picking never-before-released demos from the band’s archives to share with members of the group’s official “Dead Generation” fan club. The first recording to be released, a demo version of “Get Inside” from 2000, will be posted this Friday, July 20, to be followed by additional tracks on the 1st and the 15th of each month. Fan-club members will get first-hand insight of how STONE SOUR write as a band, and how their music evolves into what you hear on the albums. Some of the tracks will be extremely raw in their beginning stages, while others will sound more polished. All will be available to fan club members only!
To join the STONE SOUR fan club, go to this location.

STONE SOUR‘s upcoming fourth album, “House Of Gold And Bones”, is a two-part concept effort that was recorded at Sound Farm Studios outside the band’s home base in Iowa. Singer Corey Taylor has played one of the songs that will be featured on the CD, “Taciturn”, acoustically at some of the recent festival appearances and fans seem to embrace the change.

Taylor said, “That song translates so well acoustically. When I wrote ‘Taciturn’, I knew it was something that could go either way. It could be a full band piece or it could be something I could play on my own. If I was going to give the people a first taste of what ‘House Of Gold And Bones’ parts 1 and 2 are going to be, ‘Taciturn’ is a nice way to give them a cool picture of it even in a stripped-down sense. That song is essentially about trust. It’s about trying to find the courage to open up to the people you care about, love, and value, knowing that they’re going to be there to catch you when it all comes down. They’re going to be there for you when nobody else is. It’s about letting go of the anchors that hold you down in life, opening yourself up and saying, ‘If you’re there for me, I’ll be there for you. You’ve just got to give me a second’.”


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