Finnish extreme metal non-profit Blood Music has announced an incredibly long-overdue vinyl worship session of every last bit of STRAPPING YOUNG LAD‘s music one could ever ask for.

The monstrous limited edition 7xLP box set discography will contain all five STRAPPING YOUNG LAD full-lengths, as well as extra vinyl dedicated to the band’s non-album material, plus other special gifts yet to be announced.

The genre-busting Canadian industrial/death band has never seen their seminal albums “Heavy as a Really Heavy Thing”, “SYL” nor “The New Black” touch wax before. Their other two records — “City” and “Alien” — were pressed in ultra-limited numbers of 500 copies only and sold out within months of their release.

The massive box set is slated for a late 2012/early 2013 release.

Blood Music is a Finnish non-profit, whose mission is the anthropological preservation of extreme metal culture. They were formed in an attic in Tampere, Finland in early 2011. Their first action was a MAUDLIN OF THE WELL vinyl box set. MAUDLIN OF THE WELL had been attempting a vinyl release for nearly 10 years. This sold out within a month of release. Their future actions include in-house documentary productions on the subject of metal, fund-raising and grant-making for writers, and local extreme metal workshops in Helsinki. They have an in-house vinyl division for releasing classic/rare albums that have not seen the proper light-of-day on wax, which includes a full slate of releases for 2012, which will be rolled out throughout the year.

STRAPPING YOUNG LAD was a heavily-loved Canadian extreme metal band who genre-bent from progressive death to industrial metal in the blink of an eye. They are most well-known for their unique leader, Devin Townsend, whose dark lyrical humor and insane stage antics catapulted them into every ’90s high school metalhead’s dreams. Townsend has gone on to further acclaim in his solo act, DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT.

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