STRYPER Frontman Says TODD LA TORRE ‘Has Breathed New Life Into’ QUEENSRŸCHE

Vocalist Michael Sweet of Christian hard rockers STRYPER — who shared the stage with the new QUEENSRŸCHE lineup this year’s Halfway Jam — which took place July 26-28 in Royalton, Minnesota — has posted the following message on STRYPER‘s Facebook page:

“I read through all the comments and debated whether or not to chime in and I flipped a coin and heads it was! Onto my two-cent rant.

“I personally had the opportunity to see QUEENSRŸCHE at Halfway Jam (we did our set before they did theirs) and I’m here to tell you that Todd [La Torre, the new QUEENSRŸCHE singer] has breathed new life into the band. Not only does he have the pipes to deliver the vocals, but more important, he is as nice and as humble as they come. He’s excited about the music and performance and doesn’t take it for granted and it shows.

“I’ve never met [original QUEENSRŸCHE singer] Geoff Tate personally, so I certainly can’t comment on who he is, nor would I want to, but I can say that it was a joy for me to see QUEENSRŸCHE with a sense of excitement and passion to perform.

“I’m quite biased and I don’t throw compliments around unless they are earned and Todd more then earned my respect and applause at Halfway Jam.

“Change is always a bit uncomfortable, but sometimes it’s for the best. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.”

Pictured below: Members of STRYPER and the new lineup of QUEENSRŸCHE


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