Sweden’s 220 VOLT Is Back!

Veteran Swedish hard rockers 220 VOLT have announced their return with a new lineup and material. The band has been writing and recording demos for a couple of months and plans for to release some new music this spring. A full album will surface in the fall.

220 VOLT describes its new songs as “as classic hard rock/metal — a bit harder than before, but still melodic.”

Sony/BMG has just reissued 220 VOLT‘s first five albums (“220 Volt”, “Power Games”, “Mind Over Muscle”, “Young And Wild” and “Eye To Eye”) digitally with some bonus tracks added on to the “Power Games” and “Eye To Eye” LPs. They are now available on iTunes, Spotify and similar platforms, though it may still be a few weeks before they are released in the U.S.

2013 marks the 30th anniversary of 220 VOLT‘s self-titled first LP and the 25th anniversary of their landmark effort, “Eye To Eye”. The band just started to release short stories on their Facebook page about the recordings of each of their albums. They’re released in chronological order and will take us album by album up to date, and then the new lineup will be revealed.