Sweden’s CARNIVORE Changes Name To ERUPTED

Sweden’s CARNIVORE has changed its name to ERUPTED.

Commented vocalist Daniel Ocic Sundberg: “[We have decided to change the name of the band] out of respect for the late [TYPE O NEGATIVE mainman] Pete Steele‘s CARNIVORE.

“Back when we picked the band name, we actually had not heard of the earlier CARNIVORE, and once we did, we guessed that a local band using the name really couldn’t be such a big deal, we didn’t expect the promo to get us signed or that we would get a chance to actually record a full-length. But, as things have worked out far beyond our imagination, we want you to wave goodbye to Växjö’s CARNIVORE and give ERUPTED a brutal fucking welcome!! Same shit, new name.”

ERUPTED will enter the studio in December to record its full-length debut for a 2012 release via Abyss Records.

A limited-edition version of the band’s previously released “Faces Of Death” EP will be made available early next year.

Sweden’s CARNIVORE was formed in 2010 when a former project of three of the members, called BEYOND HELL, underwent major lineup changes and decided to make a new start. The band played several local shows during 2010 and in 2011 recorded a three-song EP called “Faces Of Death”.

According to a press release, ERUPTED‘s “musical style is based on old-school elements with a modern and progressive touch, as well as an philosophical and occult lyrical element.”


Daniel Ocic Sundberg – Vocals
Tobias Pettersson – Guitar
Jonas Davidsson – Guitar
Cedrik Petersson – Bass
Marcus Nieminen – Drums


Blazing Fall of Heaven (Live) by Erupted

Hell Recreated by Erupted


Faces of Death by Erupted