Swedish All-Girl Metal Band HYSTERICA To Release ‘The Art Of Metal’ In March

Swedish MANOWAR-inspired all-female metal band HYSTERICA will release its sophomore album, “The Art Of Metal”, on March 9 via Black Lodge. The CD was produced by Pontus Norgren (HAMMERFALL) and Marcus Jidell (EVERGREY).

According to a press release, “The Art Of Metal” sees HYSTERICA taking “a huge leap forward. They’ve developed tremendously since the debut, ‘Metalwar’, released in 2009. HYSTERICA is all about classic melodic doom and power metal, with keyboard, extreme vocals and grandiose choirs being added to the mix on this album.”

HYSTERICA wanted to broaden their horizon with this release — they wanted to mix music with other art outputs. They came up with the idea of letting seven different artists interpret one song each, with the song being turned into an art object. Work has been done by a metal sculpturer, a horror cartoonist, a photographer, a writer, an oil painter and a tattoo artist. The artists were given carte blanche to do what they wanted. During 2011, four digital singles have been released, and with the release the artwork has been presented.”

“The Art Of Metal” track listing:

01. Breaking The Walls
02. Fighters Of The Century
03. Live Or Die
04. Spirit Of The Age
05. Message
06. Fear Of The Light
07. Force Of Metal
08. Heels Of Steel
09. Hysterica
10. Daughters Of The Night

A five-minute YouTube clip containing audio samples of all the tracks from “The Art Of Metal” is available below.

HYSTERICA has toured Sweden and Russia, and has played at both clubs and big festivals like Sweden Rock and Hard Rock Hell (United Kingdom).

Video footage of HYSTERICA performing the new songs “Force Of Metal” and “Heels Of Steel” can be seen below.

HYSTERICA gained notoriety after the release of its debut album, “Metalwar”, which was mixed by Peter Tägtgren (PAIN, HYPOCRISY).

In 2010 HYSTERICA was honored with the “Best Newcomer” award at the Swedish Metal Awards.

For more information, visit www.hysterica.se.