SYN:DROM Completes Recording Sophomore Album

Swedish death metallers SYN:DROM have completed recording their sophomore album at Nevo studios in Sundsvall, Sweden. The mixing sessions for the as-yet-untitled CD will be overseen by bandmembers Roger Bergsten (guitar) and Daniel Mikaelsson (drums) at the same facility in July. A late 2012 release via via ViciSolum Productionsis expected.

SYN:DROM previously stated that their forthcoming album would contain “the most powerful and aggressive material” the group has ever created.

SYN:DROM‘s debut album, “With Flesh Unbound”, came out in April 2010 via ViciSolum Productions.

The band previously described its musical direction as “high-quality death metal in the vein of HATE ETERNAL, AEON and DECAPITATED.”


Jonny Pettersson (BONEGOD, MOURNING, HUMAN HARVEST) – Vocals
Roger Bergsten (PSYCHO POETRY, ex-HECTORITE) – Guitar
David Karlsson – Lead Guitar
Daniel Mikaelsson (MOURNING) – Drums
Daniel Åsén – Bass