SYNESIS ABSORPTION: ‘Forever Untouched’ Video Released

“Forever Untouched”, the new video from the SYNESIS ABSORPTION project, can be seen below.

SYNESIS ABSORPTION was created in late 2009 by Miloš Batocanin (DISDAINED), who had an idea to start a brutal death metal band in Serbia. While working as a one-man band for almost a year, this project then ceased to exist since it was impossible to find a steady lineup for live performances. All the material which was recorded was never released. A short time later, however, the project was resurrected when Mike Smith (SUFFOCATION) agreed to record the drums for the band’s new material. Since then, Steve DiGiorgio (SADUS) took over the bass and Robbert Kok (DISAVOWED) became the band’s lead vocalist.

SYNESIS ABSORPTION‘s music is described in a press release as “a mixture of brutal/technical death metal with a slight touch of modern math metal along with some experimental/ambient passages.”

The band is currently working on material for its full-length debut.

SYNESIS ABSORPTION recording lineup:

Robbert Kok (DISAVOWED) – Vocals
Miloš Batocanin (DISDAINED) – Guitars/Vocals
Steve DiGiorgio (SADUS) – Bass
Michael Smith (SUFFOCATION) – Drums