SYSTEM DIVIDE Recording Second Album

Extreme metal bulldozer SYSTEM DIVIDE — featuring current members of ABORTED and former members of DISTORTED — has entered Sound Division Studios in Hagen, Germany to begin recording its second full-length album entitled “The Cult Of Indifference”. The band is tracking 11 brand new songs for the CD, which will be mixed by Pete Rutcho (REVOCATION, THE GHOST INSIDE, BURY YOUR DEAD). Tentatively due in the fall/winter, the effort will feature artwork by Spawnfall and will include the song “Ephemera”, the official lyric video for which can be seen below.

Due to scheduling conflicts, longtime SYSTEM DIVIDE drummer Mike Heller (who is now the full-time drummer for FEAR FACTORY) is being replaced by Ken Bedene of ABORTED.

Comments SYSTEM DIVIDE vocalist Sven De Caluwé: “So far, things are going great.

“The album has been in the works for nearly two years now.

“We have all been busy with our other bands, and it feels good to finally record this piece of work. Alas Mike had too many other commitments when he joined FEAR FACTORY, but Ken is laying down killer tracks and the material is lightyears beyond anything the band has done.

“If you think you know SYSTEM DIVIDE, think again! The material is far more intricate, extreme and progressive without losing the groove and melodic aspects. I am sure this will turn quite some heads.”

He continues: “As mentioned above, longtime drummer Mike Heller was too busy with his commitments with FEAR FACTORY to be able to tour and record with SYSTEM DIVIDE. He is our brother, and as much as this saddens [us], we completely understand and also have to move on from our side. We wish him the best and would like to welcome our brother, Ken Bedene, to the fold. Ken already replaced Mike on our Japanese tour earlier this year and did a killer job, [so] we are very excited to hear him lay down his killer style on these tracks.”

Adds Bedene: “I’m happy to have the opportunity to play with such a good band with good musicians and work hard to fill the shoes of one of my favorite drummers and good friends, Mike. I hope to bring as much intensity as Mike did.

“Tracking these new songs has been quite a challenge and I am sure everybody will be quite surprised with the outcome!”

SYSTEM DIVIDE‘s full-length debut, “The Conscious Sedation”, was released on September 14, 2010 via Metal Blade Records. The CD was recorded at Conquistador studios in Cleveland, Ohio and was mixed and mastered by James Murphy (OBITUARY, TESTAMENT, DEATH).

Founded in summer 2008, SYSTEM DIVIDE set out to revolutionize the conventions of the over-saturated melodic death metal genre, proving that extreme metal can have more depth than blast beats, while female vocals do not have to conform to the precepts of the “goth” genre.


“Ephemera” lyric video:



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