SYSTEMATIC: Footage Of Reunion Show Posted Online

SYSTEMATIC, the Bay Area hard rockers and former protégés of METALLICA‘s Lars Ulrich, played a one-off headlining show on August 20 at Slim’s in San Francisco. The concert celebrated the 10-year anniversary of the “Somewhere In Between” album and featured the band’s original lineup of Tim Narducci, Adam Ruppel, Nick St Denis and Phillip Bailey.

Video footage of the performance can be seen below.

“Somewhere In Between” was produced/engineered by the team of Peter Collins (QUEENSRŸCHE, BON JOVI) and Paul Northfield (RUSH, MARILYN MANSON) in Nashville during the summer and fall of 2000. The sessions married Narducci and Ruppel‘s well-crafted songs and guitar work with Bailey and St Denis‘ punching rhythms, resulting in an album that yielded a Top 20 radio hit with “Beginning Of The End” and which remains high among the list of favorites of many rock and metal fans.

“So much time has passed, and we’ve all stayed in touch,” Narducci says. “When the four of us got into a room again to play, the vibe really felt right and we were all excited about doing this.”

The third signing to Lars Ulrich‘s imprint label and the only band on the roster to share any similarity in sound to his own group, SYSTEMATIC was elevated out of San Francisco and on to the national stage, supporting rock and metal stalwarts like METALLICA, SLAYER, STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, STAIND, DISTURBED and GODSMACK, among others.

SYSTEMATIC disbanded in 2004 after supporting the release of “Pleasure To Burn”.





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