TAPROOT: ‘The Everlasting’ Video Teaser

A teaser for “The Everlasting”, the new video from the Ann Arbor, Michigan hard rock band TAPROOT, can be seen below. The full clip, which will make its online debut on September 11, is an ongoing story from TAPROOT‘s previous music video, “No Surrender”.

“The Everlasting” comes TAPROOT‘s new album, “The Episodes”, which was released on April 10 via Victory Records. The CD was produced by Tim Palatan, who previously worked with the group on 2010’s “Plead The Fifth”.

“The Episodes”, nearly six years in the making, is a complexly developed concept album. Guitarist Mike DeWolf told Loudwire about the CD, “It’s a life journey kind of concept about growing up and making choices and the effects of the choices you make in your life — one way or the other. It’s got three main characters and it’s something that hopefully each person can take something different away from — something that can be special to each person individually.”

Regarding the songwriting process for the new album, DeWolf said, “It came together a thousand times faster than any other album. We did everything completely different. We had this idea — ‘What if we wrote a story, broke it into ten pieces, and then wrote the music around that?’ Instead of the opposite because the music always comes pretty easy to us but the lyrics usually take a little while longer. We were kind of getting the hard part out of the way right off the bat and having fun with it all the rest of the way. It came together, literally, in 15 days — written and demoed.”




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