TEAR OUT THE HEART: ‘Undead Anthem’ Lyric Video

St. Louis, Missouri, metalcore outfit TEAR OUT THE HEART has set “Violence” as the title of its debut album, due on March 19 via Victory Records.

The official lyric video for the song “Undead Anthem” (featuring Caleb Shomo), taken from “Violence”, can be seen below.

Upon inking deal with Victory in August 2012, TEAR OUT THE HEART began writing what would become one of the most dynamic, powerful releases of 2013. Utilizing vocalist Tyler Konersman‘s all-encompassing range, “Violence” boasts unrivaled clean singing alongside screams that are in a class of their own. “It’s a record about deception and revenge,” states Konersman. “It’s about self enlightenment and growing into a much stronger, more receptive version of your previous self. ‘Violence’ is about no one being in your corner when times are at their hardest, who still want to celebrate with you at the end of the day as if they had a part in your success.”

Complete with hauntingly catchy choruses and melodies that will shock and surprise you, “Violence” will be stuck in your head in the best way. Konersman continues, “I realize this is terribly cliché, but it is easily the heaviest, most melodic record we have ever written; orchestrated both maturely and tastefully. Like it or not, this album is going to take over the world.”

With standouts like “Infamous Last Words”, it is clear that producer Caleb Shomo, formerly of ATTACK! ATTACK!, has taken a very special interest in TEAR OUT THE HEART and their aggressive delivery. AOL‘s Noisecreep had this to say upon first listen: “‘Violence’ is teeming with soaring choruses, neck-snapping breakdowns and doomsday-kissed guitars. Don’t be surprised if you see these guys headlining over some of their heroes soon.”

For fans of ATREYU, A DAY TO REMEMBER, BRING ME THE HORIZON and AS I LAY DYING, TEAR OUT THE HEART has arrived to take the world by storm, one impossibly energetic song at a time. With album art beautifully executed by Dan Mumford (A DAY TO REMEMBER, PARKWAY DRIVE, GALLOWS), let the creepy, ominous castle set the stage for the chaotic, bewitching performance that is “Violence”.


Tyler Konersma – Vocals
Josh Spohr – Guitar
Mattieu Murphy – Guitar
Isaac Etter – Bass/ Vocals
Matt Epstein – Drums




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