Teenager Severely Burned After SOUNDWAVE Festival Audience Member Ignites Flare

A young girl was reportedly horribly burned and disfigured earlier today (Sunday, February 24) after a member of the audience at the Soundwave festival in Sydney smuggled in a magnesium flare and ignited it in the middle of the crowd during BRING ME THE HORIZON‘s performance.

According to The Australian, the woman underwent emergency treatment after sustaining burns to her forearm. It has also been reported that a similar incident took place during METALLICA‘s closing set on the main stage. That flare, however, is not believed to have caused any injuries.

Promoter AJ Maddah is calling for action from Soundwave attendees and is offering a reward to anyone can identify the perpetrators.

“If anyone can correctly identify this son of a bitch, I will shower you with so much tickets, backstage and cash, you won’t know what to do,” he said.

He is also asking punters to assist in finding the person who lit the flare. “If you see anyone with a lit flare please take their photo and tweet to me so I can hand to police.”

A 23-year-old man was critically injured in an accident during last year’s Soundwave festival at Brisbane’s RNA Showgrounds. He reportedly underwent life-saving surgery after he suffered massive head injuries caused by a five-meter fall from the top of a staircase at the exhibition hall.


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