TERRORIZER Films ‘Hordes Of Zombies’ Video

Legendary grindcore act TERRORIZER recently shot a video for “Hordes Of Zombies”, the title track of the band’s new album “It’ll have the band pretty much playing in a studio with footage of different things representing the concept,” TERRORIZER frontman Anthony “Wolf” Rezhawk told Molten Magazine.

TERRORIZER is hoping to make the video available online on February 28 to coincide with the North American release of “Hordes Of Zombies”, which will be made available via the French label Season Of Mist.

The track listing for the CD is as follows:

01. Intro
02. Hordes Of Zombies
03. Ignorance And Apathy
04. Subterfuge
05. Evolving Era
06. Radiation Syndrome
07. Flesh To Dust
08. Generation Chaos
09. Broken Mirrors
10. Prospect Of Oblivion
11. Malevolent Ghosts
12. Forward To Annihilation
13. State Of Mind
14. A Dying Breed

A bonus track, “Wretched”, will appear on the vinyl and digital versions of the album, while the limited-edition digipak will also contain a demo version of the title cut.

“Subterfuge” can be streamed using the SoundCloud player below. Clocking in just shy of two minutes, the track is “packed with TERRORIZER‘s signature crushing riffs and relentless blast beats,” according to a press release.

TERRORIZER‘s 2012 lineup includes Commando (a.k.a. Pete Sandoval) who remains dug into position on drums, blasting out armor-piercing beats and defending his territory as one of the most brutal drummers alive.

Wolf (a.k.a. Anthony Rezhawk), the vocalist on the previous TERRORIZER album release, “Darker Days Ahead”, returns for his second menacing oration of dark politicized prophecies about the apocalyptic near future.

The new TERRORIZER lineup also features David Vincent (MORBID ANGEL) on bass, ready to continue the onslaught he began with TERRORIZER‘s debut album masterpiece, “World Downfall”.

On guitar, it is the great honor of Katina Culture (RESISTANT CULTURE) to shred in place of the late Jesse Pintado, who’s still felt to be in the band in heart and spirit. She’s attempted to do justice to Jesse’s frantic-yet-precise tornado of riffing while adding her own style to the mix of sonic wreckage.


Wolf (a.k.a. Anthony Rezhawk) – Vocals
Katina Culture – Guitar
David Vincent – Bass
Commando (a.k.a. Pete Sandoval) – Drums

Pintado, a founding member and guitarist of TERRORIZER, died at Holland’s Erasmus MC hospital on August 27, 2006 due to liver failure, only less than a week after the release of TERRORIZER‘s second album “Darker Days Ahead”. His death effectively put TERRORIZER‘s future in question.


TERRORIZER – Subterfuge by Season of Mist



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