TESLA Frontman Talks ‘Twisted Wires’, Upcoming Studio Album

Zoiks! Online recently conducted an interview with TESLA singer Jeff Keith. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Zoiks! Online: Can you tell us a little bit about “Twisted Wires And The Acoustic Sessions”?

Jeff: “Twisted Wires” is basically an acoustic record. It’s been twenty years since we came out with “Five Man Acoustical Jam” so it’s kind of a twentieth-anniversary thing. I think there are like six songs we recorded with Tommy Skeoch in 2005 acoustically, songs that we either hadn’t written or recorded on “Five Man Acoustical Jam”. So we’ve got six with Tommy and then a couple of new songs that we wrote for the record. We’ve got Dave Rude jamming on it, our new guitar player…he’s not really new, he’s been with us for what, five years now so he is the guitar player for TESLA. That’s why we’re calling it “Twisted Wires”, because it has a mixture of both.

Zoiks! Online: What is your take on a lot of the bands from the ’80s making, not necessarily big comebacks, but remaining relevant. You guys are going as strong as ever, MÖTLEY CRÜE and POISON are out touring together, METALLICA and the “Big Four” are playing sold-out stadiums together. What’s your take on that?

Jeff: I think writing songs that are timeless plays a big part in that. TESLA definitely came from the hair-band era, we still got our hair. We were kind of outcasts back when everyone was into the glam thing; we never really played into that. I think that when the grunge movement came along in the early Nineties, it became about no image then. I believe the industry let us hang out because we never relied on image; we always relied on writing good songs and songs from the heart. It allowed us to stay around… That is my belief on it, anyways.

Zoiks! Online: I read on your web site that you’re working on another studio album. Is there any truth to that and if so, how is it going?

Jeff: We are working on a new studio record, but that’s going to take awhile. “Twisted Wires” will come out in July and that’ll buy us a little time. We take our time putting an album together. We’ve already got some great songs going and we’re feeling good about it. Hopefully sometime in the middle of next year we’ll have something new to put out. That way we’ll have a reason to go out and have an album to play on.

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