TESTAMENT Guitarist Endorses OBAMA For Re-Election

Alex Skolnick, guitarist for San Francisco Bay Area metal veterans TESTAMENT, has endorsed President Barack Obama‘s re-election effort in an official statement released to Gawker.com.

“I endorse Barack Obama,” Alex wrote. “[Is he] perfect? No. But after inheriting the remnants of the Bush administration — which was responsible for an illegal, trillion dollar war and a gutted economy — Obama has kept the auto industry alive, worked to improve the middle class and improve education. Now, after several years with an uncooperative Congress, his policies are finally taking hold and things are improving (and incidentally, he’s helped take out the most wanted terrorists).”

He added, “I’m not tied to the Democratic party in any way; it’s just an honest assessment.

“After eight years of a president (George W. Bush) who could barely formulate a sentence, we now have someone well-spoken, intelligent and who has shown a lot of class and dignity. And in the face of unrelenting, unwarranted personal attacks unseen in the history of the U.S. presidency, Obama has never once stooped down to the level of his haters.”