TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION To Unleash ‘Peacemaker’ This Summer

Red-dirt metal rockers TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION will release their long-awaited new album, “Peacemaker”, this summer via Carved Records. This is the third studio CD for TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION, which features the recording lineup of Big Dad Ritch (vocals), Randy Cooper (guitar), John Exall (bass), Wes Wallace (guitar) and Timmy Braun(drums).

Recorded in Los Angeles, “Peacemaker” was helmed by acclaimed producer Bob Marlette (BLACK SABBATH, ALICE COOPER, ANVIL, SALIVA, FILTER), who helped TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION further explore their capabilities. The result: eleven highly charged songs brimming with TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION‘s signature sound of Southern-fried classic rock, outlaw country and Texas metal.

“We have a new producer and we already know who we are and what our brand is, so with this album, we decided that the boundaries we set for ourselves [are] in the past. We would cut that barbed wire and explore beyond those fences,” says TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION‘s frontman Big Dad Ritch.

Drawing inspiration from legendary rock ‘n’ roll outlaws and classic rockers including Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and ZZ TOP, TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION has hit its stride on “Peacemaker” while paying homage to Southern rock’s and country’s cultural milemarkers.

“Top of my head, tip of my tongue, deep in my heart, in the bottom of my lungs, that’s where songs come from. There is no blueprint,” Big Dad Ritch said. “The outlaw spirit is still alive today. That is our goal: Bring it back.”

On “Peacemaker”, the visceral “Damn You To Hell” is arguably the heaviest song TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION has written. “Think Of Me” is admittedly “the closest thing to a love song that this band would ever do.” Other songs that typify Red Dirt Metal include “8 Seconds” and “You Ain’t Seen Me”, which Ritch also admits is “as southern-fried as LYNYRD SKYNYRD and MOLLY HATCHET.”

The title song is a brilliantly written tune, told from the perspective of a gun. Ritch said, “I thought, ‘What would that gun say to people?'” That’s not something you come across every day in rock music, and it’s further evidence of how TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION are rewriting the rule book.

TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION‘s explosive new single, “Turn It Up”, will be available for purchase on May 15 and impacts radio on May 22. Check out a preview below.

TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION was Carved Records‘ inaugural signing in 2009. Their anthemic single, “Pissed Off And Mad About It”, landed in the Top Ten of the CMJ Loud Rock Chart and generated extensive radio play all across the country.

“Peacemaker” track listing:

01. Hands Up
02. Damn You To Hell
03. 8 Seconds
04. Outlaw
05. Turn It Up
06. Wicked
07. Don’t Come Lookin
08. Sex Drugs Rock and Roll
09. Paw Paw Hill
10. Peacemaker
11. Think of Me



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