THANATOS Signs Back Catalog Deal With CENTURY MEDIA

Dutch death metal veterans THANATOS have inked a deal with Century Media Records for the re-release of the band’s back catalogue.

In the scope of the label’s massive Death Certificate campaign, the first two THANATOS albums will be made available again: the classic debut, “Emerging From The Netherworlds”, as well as the equally great second release, “Realm Of Ecstasy”, both boosted with extra tracks (CD only), new layouts, liner notes, lyrics and a killer re-mastered sound by Dan Swanö. Both albums doubtlessly range among the classic releases of the heyday of death metal in the late ’80s/early ’90s.

“Emerging From The Netherworlds” track listing:

01. Dawn Of The Dead
02. Outward Of The Inward
03. Bodily Dismemberment
04. Internal Deceit
05. The Day Before Tomorrow
06. War
07. Rebirth
08. Progressive Destructor
09. Impostors’ Infiltration
10. Omnicoitor / Dolor Satanae
11. The Meaning Of Life
12. War (demo)
13. The Meaning Of Life (demo)
14. Bodily Dismemberment (demo)
15. A-Thanasia (demo)

Tracks 12-15 are taken from the “Omnicoitor” demo (only on the CD version)

“Realm Of Ecstasy” track listing:

01. And Jesus Wept
02. Tied Up, Sliced Up
03. Realm Of Ecstasy
04. Mankind’s Afterbirth
05. In Praise Of Lust
06. Perpetual Misery
07. Human Combustion
08. Reincarnation
09. Terminal Breath
10. And Jesus Wept (demo)
11. Tied Up, Sliced Up (demo)
12. Realm Of Ecstasy (demo)
13. In Praise Of Lust (demo)
14. Human Combustion (demo)

Tracks 10-14 are taken from the “Demo 1992” pre-productions tape (only on the CD version)

Both “Emerging From The Netherworlds” and “Realm Of Ecstasy” will be released on LP (180g vinyl, printed inner sleeve) and CD. The CD version will be made available for mid-price right from the start.

THANATOS‘s “Angelic Encounters”, “Undead.Unholy.Divine” and “Justified Genocide” albums will be re-released in 2013.


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