THE AGONIST Frontwoman Featured On MTV’s ‘Made’

Singer Alissa White-Gluz of Montreal, Quebec, Canada-based melodic death metallers THE AGONIST is featured as a vocal coach on the next episode of MTV‘s “Made”. The episode, dubbed “Metal Screamer”, will air on Monday, January 23 at 7:00 p.m. EST. A preview clip can be seen below.

Now in its eleventh season, MTV‘s two-time Emmy-award-winning series “Made” is all about making dreams come true. The series’ producers want to demonstrate that with hard work (and a little help from MTV), any goal is attainable.

There are numerous kids out there with unlimited potential. However, in their eyes, intimidating obstacles exist that keep them from pursuing their dreams. Perhaps they’re painfully shy or fall short on self-confidence. Maybe they feel as though they don’t fit in or lack the right look. Perhaps they’ve been told that they lack the skills; and then there’s plain old fear.

MTV seeks out the kids who are eager to overcome those obstacles! These kids want to be “Made.”

Once the producers find their “Made kids,” they allow for at least one month of intensive training towards achieving their goals. This includes providing a mentor or life coach who will support them and plot out personalized training schedules. Such training could consist of counseling on confidence or attitude, personal training sessions, or specialized lessons in whatever task they’re trying to achieve.

Whether they succeed at their goal or not, the “Made” producers strive to give these kids a chance at a dream. Ideally, they learn valuable traits and lessons about themselves and others along the way. They ultimately realize that it takes hard work, persistence, and commitment to make one’s dreams come true.


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