The Birth of METALLICA and Metal Blade Records: Episode #2 of the SHOCKWAVES VideoCast

SHOCKWAVES VideoCast Episode #2

Heavy Metal stalwarts John Kornarens Jon Sutherland discuss the birth of Metal Blade Records and the conception of the original METAL MASSACRECompilation album. The two talk about how this album was instrumental in kick-starting METALLICA’s career as they break out the early Metallica Scrapbook and tell the compelling story behind METALLICA’s inclusion on this groundbreaking record released in 1982 which paved the way to them ultimately becoming aguably the biggest band in rock music.

Part 3 of the VideoCast also includes the story behind Jason Newsted joining METALLICA and Jon Sutherland’s involvement along with some riviting stories about the early years of Metallica’s Lars Ulrich. Links to all three episodes below.

Part 1: The beginning of Metal Blade Records and the birth of METALLICA:

Part 2: The conception of Metal Massacre LP and how it kickstarted Metallica’s career:

Part 3: The story behind Jason Newsted joining Metallica:

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