THE CHARIOT: ‘One Wing’ Teaser Released

Georgia’s THE CHARIOT recently inked a European deal with Season Of Mist. The band’s fifth album, “One Wing”, will be released in Europe on September 21 and in the U.S. on August 28 via eOne Music / Good Fight Music.

A two-minute teaser for “One Wing” can be seen below.

Regarding THE CHARIOT‘s new European deal with Season Of Mist, THE CHARIOT singer Josh Scogin said, “We love touring Europe and are excited to work with Season. The more we can do to bring out music to new kids in new places the better!”

In a recent interview, Scogin was asked what THE CHARIOT‘s mindset was when going into the studio to record “One Wing”. He replied, “Let’s get weird.”

THE CHARIOT are true artists whose determined passions lead them down winding pathways as they buck trends and avoid formulas. The noisy, rambling, shambling, Southern — fried, punk-infused, heavy metal hardcore band has long rejected the conventions of the genre that surrounds them by refusing to conform to established structures. After all, THE CHARIOT is the band whose debut was recorded live in the studio in one take, whose frenetic and often destructive live shows are the stuff of underground legend and whose evolving lineups have generated a body of work as vibrant in the hearts and minds of those who’ve witnessed the mayhem live as those who own the discography.




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