THE COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF: New Performance Footage From London Posted Online

Video footage of Norwegian seven-string guitarist/singer/songwriter The Commander-In-Chief performing the song “Thou” on May 14 at Water Rats in London, England can be seen below.

A press release states: “When The Commander-In-Chief recorded this song some months ago, PANTERA producer Sterling Winfield called it her musical mission statement. He made a written statement afterwards confirming it was all done by HER, with NO Pro Tools magic and NO Auto-Tune or copy/paste of any kind. Still, people have been asking if it is possible to perform this song LIVE, with all the technical rhythm and lead guitars, the epic arpeggio part in the bridge and the very challenging vocal line on top of that — all done by one person.”

The Commander-In-Chief released her debut EP, “Evolution”, digitally on February 15 via Commander Records/The Commander-In-Chief Ltd. The effort was produced by Sterling Winfield (PANTERA, HATEBREED, HELLYEAH), who previously mixed The Commander-In-Chiefs’ “brutal, adrenalin-fueled” cover version of the BLACK SABBATH classic “Paranoid”.

“Evolution” track listing:

01. Thou
02. Famous
03. Evolution
04. Let It Go

In a 2010 interview with Metal Express Radio, The Commander-In-Chief stated about her music, “I used to call it hybrid rock; the power of rock with the message of punk, and the catchiness of pop inspired by metal techniques. NOW my music has taken a more heavy direction than last year, so it’s less punk and more metal.”

Regarding her name, The Commander-In-Chief, she said, “I wanted a powerful artist name, since I’ve always been doing my own thing and still am. I do all the songwriting, guitar playing, singing and I write all the lyrics. For the first demo I made in Chicago I also made my own animated music video which generated quite a buzz on MySpace and gave me all my first fans. I also created illustrations for all my songs, mixing the music with visual arts. I don’t do that anymore though, as I just don’t have the time.”

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