THE COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF To Record Debut Album With PANTERA Producer

Norwegian female solo artist The Commander-In-Chief will record her first album with engineer/producer Sterling Winfield (PANTERA, DAMAGEPLAN, HATEBREED, HELLYEAH). The sessions will take place in two steps, with the first five songs set to be laid down in early December 2011 at world-class residential studio The Chairworks in West Yorkshire, United Kingdom. The remaining tracks will be recorded in February 2012. At least one single from the first five songs will be released early in 2012, with the album release planned for early summer 2012.

Winfield previously mixed The Commander-In-Chiefs’ “brutal, adrenalin-fueled” cover version of the BLACK SABBATH classic “Paranoid”, which can be streamed in the YouTube clip below.

“Everything Sterling has worked on sounds extraordinary!” stated The Commander-In-Chief. “I cannot WAIT to work with him!! Thank you to everybody who has made 2011 such a great year for me!”

Winfield stated about The Commander-In-Chief, “I am always looking for something new and different to work on, but I have to say that when the unique talents of The Commander-In-Chief crossed my desk a few months ago, I was blown away! This was definitely new and different! In my twenty plus years as a producer and engineer, I can honestly say that I have never seen or heard anything like what she has to offer. Killer guitar-driven progressive hard rock, along with an unbelievable over-the-top vocal style, with just enough pop added so that it can be accessible to all. Neatly wrapped up in an image that is definitely fresh and exciting. I am looking forward to work with her again soon! Rock on, Commander! Well done!”

In May 2011, The Commander-In-Chief announced endorsement deals with Ibanez, Seymour Duncan and Ernie Ball. Her new official guitar is the prototype Falchion seven-string, from the new X series — the only seven-string version of this guitar in the world.

The Commander-In-Chief does all guitars and vocals herself. She is backed by her fantastic drummer and bass player for live shows.

She recently relocated to London, U.K., where she lives with her manager.

In a 2010 interview with Metal Express Radio, The Commander-In-Chief stated about her music, “I used to call it hybrid rock; the power of rock with the message of punk, and the catchiness of pop inspired by metal techniques. NOW my music has taken a more heavy direction than last year, so it’s less punk and more metal.”

Regarding her name, The Commander-In-Chief, she said, “I wanted a powerful artist name, since I’ve always been doing my own thing and still am. I do all the songwriting, guitar playing, singing and I write all the lyrics. For the first demo I made in Chicago I also made my own animated music video which generated quite a buzz on MySpace and gave me all my first fans. I also created illustrations for all my songs, mixing the music with visual arts. I don’t do that anymore though, as I just don’t have the time.”

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