Riverside, California’s THE DEVASTATED has released the following statement:

“To all THE DEVASTATED friends and fans,

“We write to you today to inform you that the band has indeed come to an end.

“Although THE DEVASTATED was short-lived, the journey was, without a doubt, memorable!

“A huge thank you all of our families, friends, everyone at Century Media, our management and booking, all the bands we’ve toured with, but most of all, thank you to every single person that cared about THE DEVASTATED in some way shape or form… It truly means the world to us!”

THE DEVASTATED‘s “Roof Top Panty Drop” video can be seen below. The clip was filmed and directed by Dale “Rage” Resteghini (MUDVAYNE, HATEBREED, ANTHRAX, SHADOWS FALL) and Kevin Boston. The song comes off THE DEVASTATED‘s latest album, “Devil’s Messenger”, which was released in February 2012 via Century Media Records.

The brainchild of former IMPENDING DOOM and OBLIGE members, THE DEVASTATED previously released two brutal singles — “Devil’s Messenger” and “Roof Top Drop”. Produced by the bandmembers themselves, Chris Eck and co-produced/mixed by Daniel Castleman (AS I LAY DYING), the music was not written with the intent of impressing anyone except the band members themselves.

“Our state of mind was… let’s play what we want to hear,” said vocalist Greg Wilburn. “Let’s write the heaviest, grooviest and ugliest songs we possibly can, and bring something fresh to this extremely watered down scene. If people ‘get it’ awesome… If not, fuck ’em.”

“Devil’s Messenger” featured a guest appearance by SUICIDE SILENCE frontman Mitch Lucker in the song “Spit Vitriol”.