THE FACELESS Guitarist Interviewed On KASC THE BLAZE 1330 AM (Audio)

KASC The Blaze 1330 AM (web site) recently conducted an interview with guitarist Michael Keene of Los Angeles-based progressive death metal titans THE FACELESS. The chat is now available for streaming using the SoundCloud player below.

THE FACELESS‘s third full-length album, “Autotheism”, was issued on August 14 via Sumerian Records. The band’s first release in over three years sees the group’s leader, Michael Keene, enlist a new vocalist, bassist and additional guitarist to help him see his musical vision come to fruition and these new members have delivered tenfold.

According to a press release, “Autotheism” is “a semi-conceptual record following a man’s journey of self-discovery and transformation into the all-powerful God of his reality. It starts with his realization of the power he possesses and moves through every step of an ever-evolving reality that the future may have in store. Musically, ‘Autotheism’ is expansive in all directions. It is a thought-provoking roller coaster with the occasional sledge hammer to the skull and contains more dynamics and diversity than any offering presented by THE FACELESS to date.”

Commented Keene: “I have never been prouder of any musical offering I have ever created. This record is both punishing and diverse. It covers so much ground musically while retaining a clear focus. The time spent, plus the new personnel and the life experience of several years, have culminated in this record’s sound and created something that surpassed my original vision of what it would be. I think that listeners will find ‘Autotheism’ to be both more adventurous and daring, as well as more memorable and captivating than ever before.”




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