THE GATES OF SLUMBER To Release ‘Stormcrow’ EP

“Stormcrow”, the new EP from Indianapolis doomsters THE GATES OF SLUMBER, will be released on January 29 via Scion Audio/Visual, (a.k.a. Scion A/V), the in-house record label and lifestyle marketing division of the Scion marque produced by Toyota Motor Corporation for the North American market. The CD was recorded by Sanford Parker and it features cover artwork by Dave Quiggle.

“Stormcrow” will contain five brand new songs:

* Death March
* (Devil’s Grip) – Driven Insane
* Son Of Hades
* Dragon Caravan
* Of That Which Can Never Be

THE GATES OF SLUMBER last year parted amicably with drummer J. Clyde Paradis, who recorded and toured behind the 2011 album “The Wretch” (Rise Above Records).

THE GATES OF SLUMBER started in 1998 as a backlash against the stoner rock trend prevalent at the time and with their mixture of BLACK SABBATH, SAINT VITUS, PENTAGRAM, and prime-era CELTIC FROST, the band has crushed or converted unbelievers ever since.

“The Wretch” was released in May 2011 via Rise Above/Metal Blade. The CD was recorded at England’s Orgone Studios with producer Jaime Gomez Arellano (GHOST, ANGEL WITCH).



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