The Last Felony Splits With Drummer Vincent Menard

Montreal’s The Last Felony has announced the band is parting ways with drummer Vincent Menard. Guitarist Dom Grimard commented on the situation:

“His priorities began to differ from ours while on the road until it became clear to us that he was no longer enjoying the touring lifestyle. He will be playing is last gig on a hometown show Montreal at the Foufoune Electrique on Aug 12 2011 with Misery Index.

“On the same note, TLF lineup has change a little bit in the past year and we never really did an update. Our guitarist Felix Roberge has quit the band almost a year ago just after the release of Too Many Humans. He was suffering of tendinitis in his arm that makes him unable to play our songs anymore. He was soon replaced by Max Gelinas of the Quebec City band Unfallen. Also our bassist Seb Painchaud left the band this past February, mainly for the same reason as Vince is leaving us. He was replaced by David Rousseau also from the band Unfallen.

“With that being said, for those interested in auditioning for the drummer position will have to learn the following 3 songs: ‘No one would notice if you died,’ ‘Too many Humans,’ and ‘Quandary.’

“Please make sure to read all the requirements before getting in touch with us. We ask you to video tape yourself playing these songs, add it to your YouTube page and send us the link at”

The band also posted the following requirements for potential applicants:

No criminal record
Passport is required
A serious, professional and motivated attitude is required
Experience in touring and recording is preferred
Driver’s license and driving experience are required
Living in Montreal is preferred to practice 1-2 times per week.
Able and willing to tour

For more information on The Last Felony, head over to the band’s Facebook profile.