Swedish hardcore/experimental/progressive band THE MOTH GATHERER has inked a deal with Agonia Records. The group’s debut album will be released in April 2013.

THE MOTH GATHERER‘s music is hard to label, due to band’s non-one-dimensional approach towards the songs they create; the hardcore/experimental/progressive etiquette seems almost too laconic to fully do justice to the spirit of the compositions.

THE MOTH GATHERER‘s debut offers up long and complex tracks, but still surprisingly simple and compelling. Abundance of tempo changes and variations that surround the album bask in emotionally charged, progressive yet utterly melodic slower-sections, addictive enough to stimulate the imagination.

“We just want our music to be an emotional explosion,” comments the band’s co-founder Alex Stjernfeldt. “A lot of the songs is about death, missing people you loved who have passed away and losing hope in mankind. We want the music to make you feel like you can move mountains with it. I wish for that when people hear our music, they start to dream away.”

THE MOTH GATHERER is recommended for fans of NEUROSIS, BREACH and CULT OF LUNA.

The band is: Alex Stjernfeldt and Victor Wegeborn — who both handle: guitars, bass, electronics, vocals and drums.



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