THE OVERSEER: ‘Amend’ Video Released

With a week to go until the release of “We Search, We Dig”, Arkansas hard rockers THE OVERSEER are premiering their new video for “Amend” — one of the standout tracks from their dynamic debut, available in stores and online June 19 from Solid State Records. The clip, directed by UNDEROATH‘s Daniel Davidson (Isthmus Studios), puts stunning visuals alongside the standout track.

Since premiering last month, “Amend” has generated an online buzz for the band’s ability to mix soaring melody with blistering riffs and package that into compact songs that feel neither redundant nor self-indulgent.

“I have mixed emotions about shooting this music video,” says drummer Abishai Collingsworth. “It was one of the most fun yet exhausting days I’ve ever been through. Make no mistake — playing through a song 100 or so times can wear you out! But we endured it and are really pleased with the results. Daniel Davidson was really easy to work with and I certainly wouldn’t be disappointed if we worked with him again!”

Recorded earlier this year at Atlanta’s Glow In The Dark studios, “We Search, We Dig” is a huge, dynamic debut that calls to mind artists like UNDEROATH, THRICE and CAVE IN though with a clear, distinct voice that never emulates those artists directly. With this release, THE OVERSEER delivers hard-hitting, uncompromising hard rock that belies the members’ young age. This isn’t “cash in on the latest trend” music, it’s “sweat and tears” hard rock, with a little blood thrown in for good measure.