THE PROJECT HATE MCMXCIX Begins Work On New Material

THE PROJECT HATE MCMXCIX — the Swedish band featuring Jörgen Sandström (vocals; VICIOUS ART, KRUX, ex-ENTOMBED, GRAVE), Lord K. Philipson (guitar; TORTURE DIVISION, ex-GOD AMONG INSECTS, HOUSE OF USHER, LEUKEMIA), Anders Bertilsson (guitar; COLDWORKER), Tobben Gustafsson (drums; TORTURE DIVISION, VOMITORY) and Portuguese vocalist Ms. Roque (a.k.a. Ruby Roque of WITCHBREED) — has commenced the songwriting sessions for its next album. Philipson states, “To beat [2011’s] ‘Bleeding The New Apocalypse (Cum Victriciis In Manibus Armis)’ will be a monumental task, one we will, of course, accomplish.

“I am currently working on a huge bunch of things music wise and at the moment there’s tons of stuff, song sketches and ideas to continue to work with, with one of these ideas already clocking in at over six minutes — meaning it looks like this one will be the first one completed for the next recording.

“We really do not have any schedules as for when to record this and it will take the time it takes to make it all answer to the standards I have for THE PROJECT HATE MCMXCIX. We haven’t even discussed with Season Of Mist if they will release the next album or not; it will all show eventually. What we do know, though, is that we are determined to create another insane monster of apocalyptic visions, brutality and beauty.”

THE PROJECT HATE MCMXCIX‘s seventh album, “Bleeding The New Apocalypse (Cum Victriciis In Manibus Armis)”, was released in February via Season of Mist. The CD was mixed and mastered by Swedish producer and multi-intrumentalist Dan Swanö (EDGE OF SANITY, BLOODBATH, NIGHTINGALE) and contains six songs with a running time of over 60 minutes.