THE RED CHORD Guitarist Launches STOMACH EARTH Solo Project

THE RED CHORD guitarist and founding member Mike McKenzie putting the finishing touches on a solo album under the STOMACH EARTH banner. McKenzie wrote all the music and lyrics, and sang and played all the instruments on the CD, which he describes as “miserable and crawling doom/death metal with a heavy H.P. Lovecraft influence.” Fans of the old Earache Records catalog are likely to detect musical nods to the early works of bands like GODFLESH and CATHEDRAL.

A rough, unmastered excerpt of “Prolong The Death Watch”, a song that will appear on the STOMACH EARTH CD, can be streamed now on the band’s Facebook page.

STOMACH EARTH‘s debut album will be released in 2012 on Black Market Activities. Meanwhile, McKenzie and the rest of THE RED CHORD are gearing up to play The Metal Suckfest on November 4-5 in New York City.

Photo credit: Chris Fulcher