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The videos keep on coming and this week a special treat as we look at three different bands with unique, yet equally phenomenal videos. This assumes you define phenomenal as I do: Fun and hilarious with no sense of moral ground!

The first video, “Back Roads”, is the first of three videos to be released as a trilogy from South African rockers L.A. Cobra. This video is from the album How Much Can You Take.

The video starts with a Seventies style vehicle that if you remove the flames could be the same style car used by the Griswold family on their first vacation. A second later we see the band is actually in the car and they are meeting guys in suits and sunglasses. The band drops off a duffel bag. Cut to a guitar solo where the guitarist is wearing a long black leather trench coat during what appears to be a hot, sunny day. Not a guy you want to mess with, but wait…

With duffel on the ground, the band and sketchy suit guys nod, apparently completing the deal, but then a girl (or is it a vixen) appears. You know what this means, yes, time for a second guitar solo. Back to the scene the girl is with one of the suit guys, so yes, she is definitely a vixen. THEN – cut to the next scene and everyone is dead (remember, this is a trilogy) and the vixen is getting into the car. Where is she headed? Is she driving to Wally World? What was in the duffel bag and is their a link to the briefcase from Pulp Fiction? TO BE CONTINUED…

L.A. Cobra – “Back Roads”

Reckless Love, a band from Finland, brings us the second video, the title track from their album Animal Attraction. This is not a story about love. No, this is a story about hooking up. Actually, this is a story about meaningless sex. The video begins showing a surfer, a guy in an oversized Elvis type wig and a guy working the mailroom (played by the same guy in all scenes of course).

We begin in the mailroom where it’s clear bad work habits and boredom rule. Then a woman enters to make copies. If this wasn’t a video this is when the porn music would start up. Hook-up #1 occurs on top of the copy machine. The video shifts back to the guy with the wig meeting a “cheerleader”, also wearing an oversized wig (although it’s not apparent to me if this is intentional). They go for a ride and stop at a “lookout point” so the oversized wig guy can pull out something resembling a bag of mushrooms out of his pocket. You know the drill: Eat, wait a minute, and then yes, we have Hook-up #2.

We now move to the beach where our surfer has entered the ocean and is need of help. Luckily there is a lifeguard (wearing the red Baywatch style swim gear) ready for a slow motion run across the beach. She pulls out our surfer and gives him mouth to mouth only to have the surfer flip her over and yes, you got it; proceed to Hook-up #3.

Reckless Love – “Animal Attraction”

Our final video is from Italian rockers Hell in the Club. “Rock Down This Place”, from the album Let The Games Begin, is a sort of concept video. That is, if your definition of a concept video is having lots of hardcore strippers.

I picture pre-production meetings for this video as follows: Ten guys in suits sitting around a table. A guy wearing a blue striped tie says, “Strippers! Lots of Strippers!” followed by a man wearing a yellow tie that says, “Wearing fishnet stockings!” followed by a tall gentleman wearing a black bow tie who adds, “and lots of drinking”. Nods around the table follow as the boss looks around and says, “Good work team!”

Hell in the Club – “Rock Down This Place”

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