THE SANITY DAYS: Pro-Shot Footage From Germany’s ‘Metal Assault II Festival’

THE SANITY DAYS — the project featuring four former members of legendary Bristol thrash metallers ONSLAUGHT who have teamed up to play music from the band’s most commercially successful album, “In Search of Sanity” — performed at the Metal Assault II Festival on January 14, 2012 at Posthalle in Würzburg, Germany.

The group’s setlist was as follows:

01. In Search Of Sanity (ONSLAUGHT song)
02. Shellshock (ONSLAUGHT song)
03. Blood Upon The Ice (ONSLAUGHT song)
04. Welcome To Dying (ONSLAUGHT song)
05. Lightning War (ONSLAUGHT song)
06. Rock You To Hell (GRIM REAPER cover)
07. Atomic Punk (VAN HALEN cover)
08. See You In Hell (GRIM REAPER cover)
09. Let There Be Rock (AC/DC cover)

Professionally filmed video footage of the “In Search Of Sanity” performance can be seen below.

THE SANITY DAYS is intended as a bit of fun for the musicians and an opportunity for fans to hear music that no longer features in ONSLAUGHT‘s live repertoire.

THE SANITY DAYS was launched by Steve Grice, former drummer and founding member of the ONSLAUGHT, who played on all ONSLAUGHT albums thus far. He is joined in the new project by former ONSLAUGHT guitarist Alan Jordan (2007’s “Killing Peace”), bassist Jase Stallard (1985’s “Power From Hell” and 1986’s “The Force”), and ex-GRIM REAPER singer Steve Grimmett, who fronted ONSLAUGHT for the 1989 album “In Search Of Sanity”.

Released on London Records in 1989, “In Search Of Sanity” was the last album ONSLAUGHT recorded before it disbanded. Despite reaching the U.K. Top 50, its mainstream production proved controversial among bandmembers and fans alike. “We were always pleased with the songs, though,” states Grice. “Over the past few years, people have nagged me to play tracks from the ‘Sanity’ album, but we always struggled to get them sounding right without Steve Grimmett‘s involvement.”

Former GRIM REAPER frontman Grimmett lent his powerful voice to ONSLAUGHT for just this one album and now returns as a member of THE SANITY DAYS. “It’s been a long time since I sang any songs from ‘In Search of Sanity’, but this was an opportunity I couldn’t turn down,” he says. “I have also been asked to play these songs, but it never seemed the right thing to do after ONSLAUGHT got back together.”

“I’m really excited to be involved with Steve Grice again, and playing with Al and Steve Grimmett makes it extra special to me,” says Stallard. “For the past six years I have been watching ONSLAUGHT‘s progress, thinking to myself how much I would love to get out and play again. Now this chance has arisen, I intend to enjoy every second of it.”



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