Former THE WILDHEARTS frontman Ginger (real name David Walls) has joined forces with bassist Shane Embury (NAPALM DEATH, VENOMOUS CONCEPT, LOCK UP) in a new grind/noise band called MUTATION. The group, which also features in its ranks Jon Poole (CARDIACS), Chris Catalyst (SISTERS OF MERCY), Denzel (YOUNG LEGIONNAIRE) and a guest slot from THE FALL‘s frontman Mark E. Smith, will release a trio of albums, the first of which, “The Frankenstein Effect”, is already finished, while LP number two is almost completed (the third will be recorded in 2013).

Speaking to U.K.’s Terrorizer magazine, Ginger said of MUTATION: “The whole thing is based on my love of extreme music and not one specific genre. It’s rhythmic, it’s jarring, it’s got more fucked up parts because of the CARDIACS elements, it’s got more out-and-out thrash, it’s a bit mathy in places, it’s very technical. .. and then it’s just really fuckin’ noisy!:

Ginger described “Frankenstein” as “very early thrash mixed with really extreme arrangements”, while the second offering is “way more disturbing.” “That’s what we were going for when we sat down together [and said ], ‘Let’s see what comes out when we get a member from the CARDIACS. a member from WILDHEARTS and a member from NAPALM DEATH!” said Ginger.

With Embury being a long-standing friend of Ginger as well as a massive CARDIACS fan, getting involved was something of a no-brainer.

“As much as I love NAPALM, I’ve been dying to do something a bit out-there lately,” explained Shane. “I wouldn’t say every NAPALM fan will like it, but I think a lot of them will be into it. It’s pretty fucking nuts. We’re not even halfway through — it’s just a lot of extreme sounds and noise at the moment, just a mad collaboration of styles. It’s fucking intense!”

The first two MUTATION albums are being funded via PledgeMusic.