THEUDHO To Release ‘When Ice Crowns The Earth’ This Month

Belgian blackened pagan metallers THEUDHO will release their fourth full-length album, “When Ice Crowns The Earth”, mid-January through the Australian label Aurora Australis Records with distribution by Twilight Vertrieb. The eight songs on the CD have a combined playing time of nearly 42 minutes and were mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisoundin Örebro, Sweden.

“When Ice Crowns The Earth” track listing:

01. War Into The World
02. When Ice Crowns The Earth
03. The Second Coming
04. Niðr Ok Norðr
05. Heracleidae (Seevölkersturm)
06. Sacrifice The King
07. Lokabrenna
08. The Straw Death

THEUDHO‘s last album, “Cult Of Wuotan”, was released in March 2008 via Germany’s Det Germanske Folket. The same label also reissued the band’s first two albums that were originally made available via the Belgian label Nepherex: “Treachery” (2004) and “The Völsunga Saga” (2006).

At the end of 2009, THEUDHO decided to record a free digital EP with the then-current live lineup. “The Silence EP” featured re-recordings of four tracks of the previous three albums and was characterized by a sound that goes back to the vibe of the “Treachery” album, drastically scrapping the keyboard arrangements that came to dominate the sound of the previous two albums.

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