Underkill TV recently conducted an interview with THIN LIZZY frontman Ricky Warwick. You can now watch the chat below.

Speaking to Rock Fusion, Warwick stated about THIN LIZZY‘s plans to record a new studio album, “We’ve just been working on some ideas that we all have. We all write in the band, so we’ve just been sitting down and playing each other our stuff, and it’s been really great. I mean, it’s really early days, but everyone’s very excited and got loads of ideas, and we’re all working really great together as a band, and that’s what it’s all about — let’s get in there and see what ideas we have and take it from there. It was all very productive and we all had a great time. We’re back in next week so we will just take it from there and see what happens. Ideally we’d love to record as much as we can, but obviously it’s got to be to a great fucking standard. We’re all as nervous about it as the fans, but in a good way. The bar has been set very high and we will only release what we 100 percent believe in, whether that’s two tracks or 12 tracks. I mean, I’d love it to be a full album, but we’ll just need to take it as it goes.”

When asked if there any plans for a live DVD in the future, Warwick said, “Yeah, there’s talk about that further down the line. I mean, VH1 are revisiting us, they’re updating ‘Behind The Music’ to include the new members in the band. Last year was all about re-establishing the band, the brand and the name and showing that what we have is something very real, and I think we’ve got over that hump now and this year we can move on. It’s a case of taking it one step at a time. THIN LIZZY fans are very passionate and so loyal, you can’t just go, ‘Look, the band’s back together, here’s an album, here’s a tour, and you’rd going fucking like it.’ You’ve got to do it one bit at a time and win people over, and that’s what we’re doing. Like I said, at the end of the day, we are all fans, too.”