Thrashfest Classic Tour Trailer Posted by Rock the Nation Promotions

Photo of Exodus

Rock the Nation announced the Thrashfest Classic Tour featuring headliner Sepultura (performing “Beneath the Remains”, “Arise” and “Chaos A.D.”), co-headliner Exodus (performing “Bonded By Blood”, “Pleasure Of The Flesh” and “Fabolous Disaster”), Destruction (performing “Sentence Of Death” and “Infernal Overkill”) and Heathen (“Breaking The Silence” and “Victims Of Deception”). Another opening act will be announced soon.

The announcement reads:

“Back to the 80ties, back to the roots! Tour-promoter Rock The Nation turns back the time for you headbangers, catapulting you back into the glorious 80ties — the unforgettable days of prime for thrash metal – with a phenomenal package of top-acts. Hardly another period of time carries so much metal-history with it than this one. Rough, rapid and impulsive sounds dominated the whole music-industry at that time. Breath-taking masterpieces of metallic art, which still enjoy authority and significance these days, emerged out of the creative urge of charismatic musicians and bands. Now the time is right to let the flair, the feeling and the sounds rise again! Thrashfest Classics is a pure celebration for the high-culture of thrash metal. Some of the most influential combos will perform their cult-albums in full length.”

Thrashfest Classic Dates:

25.11.11 – Munich, Germany – Backstage
26.11.11 – Leeuwarden, Netherlands – Schaaf
27.11.11 – Paris, France – Bataclan
28.11.11 – Braunschweig, Germany – Meier Music Hall
29.11.11 – Würzburg, Germany – Posthalle
30.11.11 – Saarbrücken, Germany – Garage
01.12.11 – Prague, Czech Republic – Kd Vltavska
02.12.11 – Oberhausen – Turbinenhalle
03.12.11 – Giessen, Germany – Hessenhallen
04.12.11 – Antwerpen, Belgium – Trix
05.12.11 – Hamburg, Germany – Markthalle
06.12.11 – Göteburg, Sweden – Trädgarn
07.12.11 – Aarhus, Denmark – Voxhall
08.12.11 – Berlin, Germany – C-Club
09.12.11 – Katowice, Poland – Mega Club
10.12.11 – Leipzig, Germany – Hellraiser
11.12.11 – Bratislava, Slovakia – Majestic
12.12.11 – Zagreb, Croatia – Boogaloo
13.12.11 – Ljubljana, Slovenia – Kino Siska
14.12.11 – Bologna, Italy – Estragon
15.12.11 – Pratteln, Switzerland – Z-7
16.12.11 – Eindhoven, Netherlands – Effenaar
17.12.11 – Stuttgart, Germany -LKA
18.12.11 – Wien, Austria – Arena

The trailer for the tour can be viewed here: