THRONE OF KATARSIS To Release ‘Ved Graven’ In The Fall

Norwegian black metal act THRONE OF KATARSIS will release its new album, “Ved Graven”, on October 24 in Europe and November 1 in the U.S. via Candlelight Records.

According to a press release, “the album title ‘Ved Graven’ can be translated to ‘At the Grave’, and is by far the darkest material written by the band to this date.

“Cold, raw, and with the bizarre aura of an everlasting funeral, THRONE OF KATARSIS delivers their requiem in honor of the final darkness. During three long nights the seven rites of this album was recorded. The séance was done in darkness and with poisoned minds, and with a dedication closer to a possession rather than anything else. All instruments and vocal were recorded live in the studio, in order to capture the aura the band creates during their convocations. A couple of guitar leads were added to the mix, and also church organ — recorded at nighttime at a local church during a highly blasphemic ceremony.

“To complete the vision, Njard drawed the cover art, and Stein Sund assisted the mixing and mastering of the album. This is their third studio album, and continues the march towards the funeral.”
After seven years as a “demonic duo,” THRONE OF KATARSIS is now a quartet, consisting of Infamroth (voice, guitar and church organ), Skinndød (guitar), Sanrabb (bass) and Vardalv (drums).

“Ved Graven” track listing:

01. Profetens Siste Vandring
02. Helvete Kaller
03. Av Dypets Kulde
04. The Holy Remains The Weak
05. Mesterens Tilbakekomst
06. Åpne Alle Sår
07. The Ultimate Shrine