TIGERTAILZ Parts Ways With Drummer ACE FINCHUM… Again

Drummer Ace Finchum has once again exited U.K. glam metal legends TIGERTAILZ. He said in a statement: “I have decided to leave the band TIGERTAILZ, as it was a bloody mess and being dragged through the mud, and enough was enough for me. My days of answering to tyrants and given ultimatums had to end, so it has.”

He added: “There are things that have just come up through court documents I have only just seen for the first time and never realized how many copies the ‘Bezerk’ album sold! All in my soon-to-be-published book.”

Fellow TIGERTAILZ original member Jay Pepper (lead guitar) wrote in a separate statement: “I will continue to release product and merch and try and keep the ‘TAILZ name alive and we’ll see where that takes us. But one thing’s for sure.. There will be NO TIGERTAILZ reunion. I’m old enough to never say never, but I can say with my hand on my heart I will NEVER play in a band with Ace or Kim [Hooker, vocals] ever again. Nope, those relationships are over forever for me. But I’ll keep the ‘TAILZ site open and see what I can release when I can.”

He continued: “So there it is, folks.. One chapter closes and another opens. I’m looking to the future, but won’t spend one more second wiping people’s arses and pushing water up a hill. Only then to be then punched in the face for all my efforts. And isn’t it funny, the people who cause the most grief are the people who contribute the least.”

TIGERTAILZ‘s most recent lineup was completed by singer Jules Millis, guitarist Rob Wylde and bassist Jason Sims.